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v-gel - a disruptive innovative veterinary product

v-gel is a disruptive innovative new product that was created created by a start-up business which our founder Kristof Farrell, who co-founded. Kristof led and carried out all activities in R&D to manufacturing to product launch to the adoption of the innovative new v-gel products. There was no prior knowledge or experience in the veterinary products industry before entering into this venture, but that did not matter because it was approached like any other product design and innovation project -  by transferring the existing talent, knowledge, skills , experience to another project and learn the rest as you go.

The v-gel range of products are anaesthesia airway devices for pets. These types of airway devices are commonly used in humans, however the human devices do not work for animals because of the significant differences in anatomical structures and shapes that exist between different types of mammals. Therefore, the veterinary industry have not be trained on these type of devices nor used them until v-gel came along.

Anaesthetising pets carries significantly higher risks than they do for humans, and even more so for rabbits, which are the third most popular kept pet in many countries. The R&D work required significant anatomical and cadaver research studies to get the product shape just right so that it made a high quality, easy and safe gas tight fit. This was achieved and extensively tested before product launch in April 2012 at the BSAVA congress in Birmingham, UK where more than 800 people visited the booth to express their interest.

Since then the other brand development work designed, developed and executed by Kristof resulted in an unknown product and technique for veterinary anaesthesia has got established in the curriculum for veterinary doctors and technicians/nurses in over 60 universities around the world. The product also has featured in many veterinary congress lectures and papers from around the world and been much praised as a unique and excellent device. Also the v-gel for cats has been given an award for its safe and easy to use in feline medicine.

Kristof' s work has led the company to get many offers for distribution of sales from all over the world. Through caring out careful due diligence, section and training methods, over 24 world-wide distributors were established within a 3 year period after product launch. v-gel is a real example of disruptive innovation and successfully creating a new market that never existed beforehand and making a very positive impact on lives of animals and their owners who love and need them. v-gel is also a device that made the lives of veterinarian clinicians easier and less stressful when having to conduct anaesthesia. The gas tight fit also means veterinary clinicians no longer have to breath in leaking anaesthetic gases from using other types of devices, therefore it is safer for them too. v-gel can be sterilised and used up to 40 patients and comes with its own sterilisation management system to ensure to avoid cross infection.

Kristof is the primary inventor of the v-gel device and managed the intellectual property portfolio for the company.  Kristof has created new inventions of v-gel products for various other mammals and improved versions of existing models, which are currently being implemented by the company. 

Please view the pictures, videos and read customer testimonials below to get some ideas on how brands can be created for  disruptive innovative new products. 

read the v-gel product testimonials

 "We purchased our Rabbit V-Gel device fairly recently. We found that placement was straight forward and a good seal was achieved over the pharyngeal airway. The Rabbits recovered well after treatment and commenced eating almost immediately. There was no evidence of discomfort or coughing during or after recovery. 

We are enjoying using our V-Gel devices with our rabbit anaesthesia protocols and will be purchasing more sizes in the future. "

Alex Wooley, DVN, Lincoln Village Vets, UK

  The cat v-gel insertion is very simple , safe and fast. My experience regarding use of v-gel is very positive. v-gel is a excellent alternative to endotracheal intubation in small animal

Nicola Iannelli DVM, PhD, Professor of Veterinary Surgery, University of Messini, Italy

  "We are very pleased with the cat v-gels® in our Radiation Therapy Department. We no longer have tracheitis in those patients receiving treatments on a daily basis. Our exotics department is using the rabbit vgels® and they too love them. It's so much better than intubating them. 

Thank you so much for your help!

Teresa Scott, University of Pennsylvania, USA   

v-gel promotional and educational videos

Below are a sample set of various promotional and educational videos that were produced by Kristof Farrell to make it easier for customers to adopt this disruptive innovative veterinary product.

How to use cat v-gel devices for dentistry

Many veterinarians liked the cat v-gel device but did not believe they could use it for dentistry. We created this videos to demonstrate and educate them how they can.

The cat v-gel won an award for its safe and ease of use b a feline medicine care society.

cat v-gel features and benefits video

This videos was of the first promotional and educational videos we created to accompany a product launch. New other educational videos were created post launch and as part of listening to existing and prospective customers of their needs and concerns about use, and then overcoming them. The point being adoption of innovation is a learning process but you need to know what to do to catch the right information to do the right thing to accelerate sales.

Benefits of Rabbit v-gel devices

This video incorporates animation of how v-gel is safer to a patient than traditional veterinary devices. The aim was to give educational content to better inform veterinarians and technicians on different practices including v-gel and bring to view the damage that is happening with traditional devices and cannot be seen to be happening inside a patient, and how v-gel veterinary airway devices completely avoids this.

Rabbit v-gel for dentistry.

Before v-gel Rabbit anaesthesia was extremely difficult and dangerous to do. v-gel has completely transformed this to be easy and safe, however veterinarians expressed great concerned about using it for rabbit dental work so were not using the device to its full potential. To this extent we design and launched a how to do dentistry with a rabbit v-gel device to educate them and give them the training and confidence to do it.  This and other videos we produced reduced eh risks and uncertainty about the device and encouraged more people to buy. The video is free to download and also used to promote the product. 

v-gel cleaning instructions. 

Successful products are easy to use, but disruptive innovative products are extremely unfamiliar to customers so we have to do more to explain why and how to use so a product, especially a life saving and managing device does not get used the wrong way and cause harm. To this extent a how to clean and sterilise a  v-gel product was created. Please watch because you will learn something useful for your own product brand building needs.

read more testimonials

  v-gel are not inserted into the trachea so there is no possibility of trauma as with traditional endotracheal tubes. There is no post-op tracheal irritation which is seen too often with traditional tracheal intubation. I think these should be and possibly will be elevated to the standard of care in feline veterinary medicine. Awesome product!

Dr. Geri Katz, DVM, Aristokatz, Conneticut, USA

"The performance of the v-gel Cat is very good - I still think the best thing about the v-gel supraglottic airway devices is that you need no deep level of anaesthesia to "secure" your airway. I tried a cat today with a tumour in the trachea where they did a bronchoscopy to take a biopsy of the tumour, they were able to do the bronchoscopy for 30 mins without the cat desaturating and easy access through the larynx."

Dr Martina Mosing, Dip ECVAA, Switzerland

“the v gels - they are brilliant. So brilliant that I would like to spread the word!”

Dr Gerry Skinner BSc BVSc PhD MRCVS MANZCVS (ECC) , The Rabbit Doctor, Melbourne, Australia. 

.  "I am working in a feline hospital in Madrid and since I know the v-gel®, five months ago, I have always used them. I think they are very easy to install, very secure with the airway because they don't come in to contact with the trachea and allow me to do all kinds of surgery, abdominal, thoracic... The v-gel® avoid the risks of tracheal intubation in cats and they are a very safe tool for the practice of surgery in the feline species. I work with animal welfare groups and I have to do many surgeries a day. Before, in my anaesthetic protocols, I did not put tubes in the trachea of animals, but with the v-gel® I intubate them all and that increases the surgery security."

Juanjo Vega, DVM, GPCert SAS (EVPS), Hospital Felino Ventas, Madrid, Spain

  "The v-gel airway device outperforms the traditional endotracheal airway tube products. The v-gel is smooth and soft which stops airway trauma. Since my graduation from Kansas State University in 1969 I have performed over 100,000 surgical procedures on cats and dogs using traditional endotracheal tubes. Since the late Spring of 2012 I have used the v-gels and I have found the ease, safety and confidence of using them has been dramatic in my experience. My conclusion is that in a short period of time the v-gel device will be the standard of care for airway protection and competence when it comes to feline surgery."

Dr Geoffrey Broderick, Dr of Veterinary Medicine, Huntington, USA

"The v-gel® really gives us the huge reassurance and confidence to keep the airway anytime, especially when we have emergency situations in rabbits and cats. For example, rabbits with unknown emergency, cats with a huge oral mass or abscess, cats with a foreign body in the trachea. We could keep the airway immediately to ventilate and oxygenate animals since hypoxia can kill them easily. Even though our students have to learn to place ET tubes, they always place the v-gel first and only replace it with an ET tube if they want. Therefore, I always prepare the v-gel every time we anaesthetise animals."

Hiroki Sano, BVSc, Diplomate ACVAA, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesiology, Institute of Veterinary, Animal & Biomedical Science, Massey University, New Zealand

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