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Product Brands are one of the most important assets of any business, therefore it makes sense to develop a professional Brand Strategy that will protect product brands with a strategy that will direct business activities so they stay efficient to augmenting and preserving your brand portfolio, which translates into higher sales and profits. An impartial Brand Strategy consulting service will help your business achieve better results and in doing so will also identify new product brand building opportunities to grow your business.

Product Brands motivates customers to buy and endorse your products to other. They also inspire your vendors, employees and other stakeholders to perform better for your business. Brand strategies for products and services help to direct business operations, new product development, sales and marketing strategies and activities to be more efficient and effective at low resource costs, so they are powerful tools to have to make greater profitable growth and boost your brand portfolio performance.

The ideology of a good product brand tends to stick in people’s minds long after sales and marketing messages have gone, this means brands are intangible assets, which is linked to human thinking and emotive factors that are not physical in nature until they drive human behaviour to act in a certain towards a product. Our expertise in management and human behavioural science enables us to factor in the intangible elements into augmenting and developing new product brands to assist you to grow your business on a sustainable basis.


Our approach to creating better product brands?

Product Brand Analytics

We will analyse the current product brand portfolio for its performance and benchmark it with your competitors to establish your product brand market position and the trends. We will conduct a product Lifecyle analysis to know where your products stand so we know what types of investments should be applied to them to augment performance as well as what brands to move into retirement. We will carry out a macro environmental analysis to identify key trends and changes to identify new opportunities and the threats and weaknesses to you existing product brand portfolio. We will also identify what product brand strengths you have that you should be leveraging in existing and or new markets.

Brand Strategy Design, Evaluation and Selection.

We will work with you to develop brand strategy options featuring factors such as what new product brand opportunities to capture to enter new markets and grow in existing ones, what brand extensions to create, what moves to make to counterattack  your competitors actions, and what disruptive innovations to produce that could lead to a positive industry and market game changing impact. We will help you to strategically and financially evaluate the options to help you select the best ones to undertake and then prioritise them t ensure your business take an approach that uses its limited resources and capabilities efficiently and effectively to give maximum gains in the right order.

Executing the Product Brand Strategy 

We will assist you to develop the means to measure your brand performance, so you control the implementation of your product brand strategy to be efficient and on track. Our change management, product design and development, and innovation consulting expertise can then be tapped into to realise your new product brand strategy.

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