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To get an idea of what we can do for our clients have look at some of our past product design and innovation work we done for the medical devices and veterinary products industries.

Anaesthetic Face masks.

Designed product and automated manufacturing system for a low production cost, light weight, and a more patient comfortable and environmental friendly medical device.

 Cat v-gel for dental procedures. v-gel is a disruptive innovative veterinary anaesthesia airway product . 

v-gel for cats is the easiest and safest anaesthesia airway device transforming cat anaesthesia into a very safe practice reducing patient airway trauma and death rates.

Innovative one-piece guedel airway medical device used for getting and maintaining an emergency clear airway in a patient. We reduced manufacturing costs by up to 70% and make it less traumatic to patients airways and minimise dental damage in event of patient bites down hard.

Product design and development to of patient ventilation heated humidification devices. Project included design and implementation, and quality validation of all manufacturing tooling, assembly, testing and packaging equipment and production systems.

i-gel supraglottic airway medical device designed for obtaining a safer and easier airway in human. Carried out the full product, materials, manufacturing design and development. 

A much improved Nebuliser drug therapy medical device for improving bronchial and lung therapy. Also reduced manufacturing costs by up to half and environmental impact.

Cold humidification patient medical devices. 

More light weight, patient comfortable and environmental oxygen and drug delivery face masks. Production costs were halved, therefore showing design for a better environment is also cost beneficial and brand boosting.

Tracheotomy heat and moisture exchange device to keep patient's lungs humidified when breathing through the humidifying nostrils has to be by-passed for medical reasons.

The Silente Adjustable Venturi medical device providing highly accurate and very quiet variable oxygen therapy to patients with poor respiratory function. Product eradicates the use of separate oxygen concentration units.

Carbon dioxide gas absorbent medical devices for use in patient anaesthesia breathing systems.

Innovative non-invasive ventilation environmental friendly medical face masks. 

Gas tight swivelling respiratory care medical device connectors.

Rabbit v-gel a disruptive innovative veterinary anaesthesia airway device. v-gel for rabbits is the easiest and most safest simple airway device transforming rabbit anaesthesia into a very safe practice. 

Nebuliser therapy product brand design & development.

Product, manufacturing and brand design and development of a range of new Oxygen therapy medical devices.

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