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New Product Development from Idea to Market to Brand

As compared to other similar companies we do not take new product development product as just creating just new products. For Nouvo Ventureworks product design and development is a complete approach of creating innovative, modern, perfectly functional, budget-friendly, and high-class products with a go to market strategy that will inspire customers to buy and bring a positive impact for the business and its other stakeholders.

Our definition of product design is about the process of well-organised design thinking and operative innovative product design idea development and advancement of those specific ideas with a goal of bringing them to an originality that consumers need and want. We work enthusiastically to craft a world where products are elegant and efficient enough to meet all necessary requirements. 

Our product design consultancy services include all varieties of engineering as well as industrial design,  product manufacturing ,  and brand design, work that is essential to develop a product from research and preliminary concepts manufacturing to achieving a successful go to market outcome. We guarantee that our work is consistent, reliable and fits the financial boundaries agreed with our clients. Nouvo Ventureworks is a Product Design Consulting firm whose holistic approach, expertise and experience are what makes it one of the most unique and best Product Design Companies in the UK.

Why we are different from other Product Design Consultancies? 

The goals of any individual or company from creating a new product is to sell in strong volumes, generate a maximised profit, margin, and to increase their brand reputation and brand value. If the product does these well then it translates into meaning a successful new product has been created that the target customers both needed and want. A strong product design service is one that has the full range of services and capabilities to meets these goals for its clients, that’s precisely what Nouvo Ventureworks does. 

Our new product development consultancy services can take clients through a complete journey from developing the right product strategy that fits their business and financial goals through to conceptualisation and development to manufacturing, and onto product launch and market creation. With Nouvo Ventureworks, the process of strategy, design and development, branding and re-branding of products or companies is not a daunting and risky task any more. 

Our consultancy services offer both a complete and modular services for individuals and companies seeking better products. Our strategic and financial planning team will ensure the product development process will follow the right pathway to enable a commercially successful product outcome to emerge. The creativity and innovation team will produce well-organised and high value-add solutions, fine tune and accelerate the manufacturing process for reliability and profitability, and collectively they will generate solutions to get the new product of to a flying start and boost sales.

We are counted amongst the best Industrial Design firms because of our excellence in delivering solution -based ideas, products, and consultancy services that deliver positive results. When a client connects with us to have a solution to their problems, our expert team notes each specification and requirement. Then we call our team of industry-specific experts to guide our clients to ensure they deliver value and give advice on what else to have to increase the value proposition in a new or improved product. Product designers, manufacturers, quality specialists and business experts all work hand in hand to find a productive and efficient solution every time that will sell very well on a global stage. 

Nouvo Ventureworks 
New Product Development Process

Nouvo Ventureworks New Product Development Process

Product Design and Development Modules

New Product Ideas


We will help clients to identifying the correct new product ideas to create into marketable products that will successfully deliver on unmet needs and product string business growth.



We will carry out a 360 degree multi-disciplinary new product research and development programme and conceptualisation of ideas.  We will also thoroughly evaluate the ideas to derive to the best option to fully design,  manufacturing and go to market with.

Engineering and Industrial Design


Carrying out all varieties of engineering, industrial design, brand development, risk management , and optimisation of design for manufacture and new product supply chain management.  

Product Manufacturing

With over 25 years of industry based manufacturing and global supply chain management expertise we have all the know how clients need to design, develop and implement an efficient and effective manufacturing system and capability to produce their new products.  We offer:

  • DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURE: We will optimise the product design so that it can be produced efficiently, cost effectively and to a high quality.

  • TOOL DESIGN & MANUFACTURE: We can give tool design advice for making components in all variants of plastics, metals to give fast cycle times and good service lives and maintenance costs.

  • MANUFACTURING PROCESS DESIGN: We can design, develop and implement lean manufacturing production processes and workflows to maximise profitability and time to market of finished products.

  • SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT & PROCUREMENT: Our expert supply chain management team can source, conduct due diligence, negotiate and properly  establish the optimal global supply chain system to make the new product.


Quality Assurance

Product Design for Quality

Prevention costs are far cheaper than product inspection, rework and recall costs, that is why when we design and develop a new and improved product we design for quality from start to finish to make sure in the long term our clients quality costs to create and manufacture their products are low and risk controlled. This is why we have a strong track record of delivering safe, low cost, reliable, and high performance innovative new products and manufacturing capabilities that meet all quality and regulatory requirements, which will boost a business brand reputation and brand value.  

Verification and Validation


We will design experiments and test for everything. Not just the parts and finished products but we also test our strategy and assumptions to make sure they are correct so the product and associated manufacturing and service processes are correct for market needs.

Medical Device Regulations


We are experts in the Medical Devices industry, therefore we know how to help clients comply with  ISO 13485 and USA FDA 510(k) and ISO 9001 quality regulatory requirements in medical devices. 

Quality Control


Our qualifications and extensive industry experience in quality gives clients the advance new product development quality control expertise they need to assured the product and manufacturing will be correct. Such is the scope of our quality control and quality management skills the accreditation of Chartered Quality Professional has been given to us.


Brand Design

Research shows most new products launched to market fail.  Two major reasons for failure is caused by leaving the brand design and brand marketing activities until its too late and or its done with too many missing pieces. This causes investment failure, brand reputation damage, and research shows by Clayton Christensen of Harvard University, that it contributes to organisations to be less adventurous in their new product development strategy and outcomes to result in producing low value add products. Because brands are one of the most important assets of any business we have the proper expertise and experience to support clients to design the brand strategy and tactics to develop and grow the new product's brand credibility, authority and support system from the moment we start a new product development project for our clients.

Go to Market Strategy

Brand Strategy


We offer clients Brand Strategy consulting to help identify the right products to create and what the go to market strategy should be to create a market and boost the new sales and brand value and reputation of the new product and client's business. 

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Service Design


New products supported by a high quality customer service and have a greater chance of sales and brand success, that is why we also offer clients professional Service Design to create a new or improve customer service to go with their new product.

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Go to Market


First impressions count for a lot when you go to market with a new product. We have done it many times with great success, therefore we can support clients to do a comprehensive brand design and development work to get their new product off to a solid flying start.

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Product Design and Innovation Management

All our new product design and innovation projects are professionally managed to ensure the new product is protected for competitive advantage, projects run smoothly to requirements, and the outcomes will move towards delivering a strong return on investment. To do this we give clients access to professional intellectual property management, financial management, and project management.

Innovation Management

 All our new product development projects are professionally managed to ensure the new product is protected for competitive advantage, projects run smoothly to requirements, and the outcomes will move towards delivering a strong return on investment. To do this we give clients the added benefits of having professional intellectual property management, financial management, and agile project management capabilities working on their innovative new product needs.

Intellectual Property


For 30 years we have been successfully producing patents and trademarks, and license agreements for new products and companies, therefore we can fully support our clients on all of their Intellectual Property needs.

Financial Management


Our in-house Chartered Management Accountant expertise can carry out all financial work of creating and bringing to market cost effective product that will deliver a strong return on investment.

Agile Project Management


Managing innovative new product development projects is different to managing other types of projects. This is because there are more risks and uncertainties with innovation. Fortunately for clients we have done it many time so know how to effectively and efficiently manage complexity, risks ad uncertainty in product  design and innovation.

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