We offer clients a complete Product Service Design consulting and advisory service that will augment a positive customer experience with products and the company to increase brand growth, brand loyalty, and profitable sales.

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new product service design

Our product Service Design team will ensure our client's innovative new product will be properly ready to be launched to markets around the world so they make a strong positive impact with customers and will contribute to accelerating product competitive advantages and growth in profitable sales.

Our approach to Service Design follows the same principals and processes as per we use in creating innovative new products from concept to product launch. In both cases we strongly focus on making sure the end customer experiences will be strong and highly attractive.


service design research and development

 We will carry out a comprehensive new service research and development process to create the ideal new or rejuvenated service for your organisation to effectively support and promote your new and or existing products. This comprises of the following activities:

  • Create service ideas. 
  • Consumer, market, business and industry research.
  • Investment appraisals.
  • Design and feasibility evaluations.
  • Risk, quality and regulatory assessment.
  • Client review and approval meetings.

The outcome will be a proof of concept that is approved to be fully designed and developed.


service design and development

We will take your service design proof of concept and proceed to fully design, develop and test it so it is ready to be built. The typical activities we carry out here include:


  • Service Design and Development.
  • Build and test prototypes and simulations.
  • Risk analysis and risk management.
  • Source and manage the Service build supply chain.
  • Regular client design reviews.
  • Project and Financial management.

The outcomes of this stage is to have a completed service solution that is ready for build and or launch.


service design - build and implementation

We get the new Service built, tested and validated to meets all agreed design, risk management, quality, cost and regulatory requirements. The typical activities we carry out here includes:

  • Service build supply chain sourcing and management.
  • Manage Service build.
  • Pretest and optimise the service.
  • Installation of Service Design into operations.
  • Verify & validate service meets all agreed requirements.
  • Effectively transfer the new Service into operations.
  • Project and financially manage the project.


service design - market launch

We can getting the new services properly launched to market with your new and or existing products. To do this we will draw on our expertise in product brand strategy and band design and ensure it is synchronised with the business and product strategic goals and objectives.

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