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Our relatively new product design consulting firm is built on the principals, diverse know how, talent, and many years of industry based leadership and hands on experience in product, manufacturing, and brand design and innovation work of our founder Kristof Farrell. To know more about the type of experience and outcomes you can expect from us read the below testimonials.

  "I worked in the human medical devices industry with Kristof for 20 years. During this time, Kristof and his team has created many different innovative devices from concept through to manufacturing and market realisation which have resulted in sustained international commercial sales.

Kristof enjoys researching, discovering and delivering on new challenges and provides a perfect avenue to continue to work on creating and improving product offerings and business opportunities for clients and partners."

Aiden Kennedy – Value Stream Manager – Ostomy (Ireland)

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  "I have known Kristof of Nouvo Venture Works for several years and have always been impressed with his creativity and his drive to get things done. He develops sound, practical, no nonsense designs and clearly knows from experience how best to get these to market. If you have a potential product that has not yet seen the light of day, Kristof is your ‘go to ‘guy.'

Dr Ian Coates – Patent Attorney  

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“I have worked with Kristof since 2008, giving technical assistance to take a ground-breaking veterinary anaesthesia product from first concept to worldwide acceptance by the market.

Kristof has the rare ability to visualise the holistic road-map of a project, break it into planned segments and then complete and deliver each segment while staying flexible enough to cope with problems and changes along the way.  Kristof can integrate the technical requirements of the project with design and engineering components, project management, packaging and presentation, sales support, marketing and a healthy dash of psychology.  It is this skill of simultaneously maintaining a ‘big picture’ view while still focusing on the detail that makes him so effective.

Kristof of Nouvo Venture Works thinks big and he knows what it takes to move from creating an inventive product idea to becoming a valuable worldwide product.”

Dr Ivan Crotaz BVetMed MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon & Director, Bonovate Ltd, (UK).

  “I have worked with Kristof over numerous years where we have developed many new and improved Products and Manufacturing processes within the human healthcare medical devices industry. Kristof thrives on challenges and is always willing to explore and experiment with new materials which he finds a new use for or which he can use to improve product quality, functional performance, cost savings, and be more environmentally friendly.

Kristof, CEO & founder of Nouvo Venture Works, combines an uncanny ability to drive for high creativity, technical robustness with a strong focus on ensuring the final outcomes will appeal to customers whilst also be highly profitable for the company. A couple of examples are the i-gel® Supraglottic airway medical device range and different eco-friendly respiratory care face masks. Kristof is very adept in quickly learning and understanding how to serve different needs and industries as demonstrated by the v-gel® range of products, which is impressive!

Kristof knows how to lead for successful innovation from start to market launch and onto generating global market sales growth. I am happy to recommend working with Kristof.”

John Benchley – Group Commercial Director at Basic Chemical Industries – Saudi Arabia

  “Dear Kristof –  I have respected you for your inventive, creative, brand building and business building capabilities since I came to know v-gel(R) and d-grip(R) you designed. Mr. Kenzo Tange says, “Only beautiful things are functional,” but that word applies to your product in the future. Next, products, services, or everything you create will surely have beautiful and functional features.”


新会社設立おめでとうございます。 あなたの発明的且つ創造的な能力、ブランド構築力、事業力は、初めてv-gel(R)やd-grip(R)を拝見して以来、尊敬しております。 『美しきもののみ機能的である』と故 丹下健三氏が言っておりますが、あなたの製品は将にその言葉が当てはまります。 次にあなたが生み出す製品、あるいはサービス、もしくはあらゆるものは、きっと美しく、機能的な特徴をもつことでしょう。 幸運を祈ります。   アームズ株式会社 代表取締役社長 氏政雄揮


Dr. Yuki Ujimasa, DVM, MS President AHRMS Co. Ltd and CEO Masanario Masahi (Japan)

  “If I quickly describe the service you can get from Kristof I would say – creativeness with fine detail, precise, functional and intuitive design, market competition ready.
Kristof , founder of Nouvo Venture Works, possesses creative ingenuity, craft and skills to make things happen, he brings impact and changes the market status quo. And from a customer stand point you can be sure that extra mile will be walked to reach and exceed your expectations.”

Dainius Ciuplys
Director of Vilnius International Airport – Lithuanian Airports

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  “I am impressed by Kristof’ s keen insight and innovation capability in developing new Products, Brands and Businesses. Kristof, is very focused on innovative and very useful products, and is familiar with the very precise way to convey the benefits of information to attract and stimulate markets around the world.

Kristof combines excellent attention to technical details with strong features and strong impact on a wide range of perspectives to consider or make any decision about all the different characteristics of the business and the customer. He has a strong working relationship and trust with partners and suppliers. I enjoy working with Kristof and continue to do so.”


Mrs. Li Jing Manager TCI China

Qingdao Tom Conaty International Ltd, Qingdao, China

  “I give Kristof my highest recommendation as a creative inventor and businessman. I worked with Kristof when he was marketing the v-gel Supraglottic airway device and was impressed with the calibre of his work, his attention to detail and the way he stood behind the quality of his product.. He assured that we felt competent using the product safely and always made himself available to answer questions. We are strong believers in the value and quality of the v-gel and use these devices regularly in 90% of the rabbits we anaesthetise. I recommend him in business ventures because he is honest and genuine in our interactions, was always completely trust worthy and consistently followed through on what he said he was going to do and encouraged honesty in those providing feedback about his products.”

Dr .Lois Wetmore – Asst. Professor at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Massachusetts (USA).

  "Kristof has greatly impressed me with his unique design and innovation talent on how to improve clinical care of animals which has resulted in the creation of a technical revolution to the world of veterinary anaesthesia. I congratulate Kristof on establishing his ventures to continue to create and bring into the world greater contributions to both Animal and Human healthcare."


Dr. Pengfeng Chen – Shanghai, China

(Doctor of Shanghai Peng Feng Pet Hospital & Vice Director of China Small Animal Association).

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